Supported Internships

Supported internships are designed to support people with learning difficulties to overcome barriers and achieve real employment.

Young people with learning difficulties often aspire to employment. A supported internship usually lasts up to one year and can provide young people with the ideal opportunity to develop their confidence to perform successfully at work.

As a professional business, benefits to your company could include:

  • Improving the supervisory and coaching skills of your staff
  • Increasing your public profile through supporting individuals in the community
  • Building evidence that you are supporting Government policies and initiatives
  • Providing young people with learning difficulties with the opportunity to gain skills valued by employers that meet business needs
  • Raise the profile of employing people with learning difficulties as a positive choice

The principles of supported internships are underpinned by the thought that the best place to learn a job is in the work place. If you are able to offer a valuable supported internship, your intern will be supported to prepare for work by job coaches, systematic instruction and college tutors.

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