Apprentice Grant for Employers

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The £1500 Apprentice Grant for Employers (AGE) aims to support your business recruit individuals aged 16 to 24 into employment though the apprenticeship programme.

The National Apprenticeship Service who provide the AGE grant have recently revised their conditions to make it easier for employees to apply for and receive the grant:

  • Grants can now be accessed directly from Business Solutions Bury College
  • The full £1500 will be paid 20 weeks after the apprentice starts work.
  • The grant is now available for large employers with up to 50 employees
  • As an employer you can claim for up to 5 new apprentices
  • If you have not employed an apprentice in the last 12 months you will be eligible for the grant

Other terms and conditions may apply. Please call 0161 280 8650 for details.

Please note there is no cost to the training your apprentice will receive. The Apprentice Grant for Employers is an incentive to support you in offering employment to young people.


Association of Greater Manchester Authorities Employer Grant

Grants of £1500 are available for employers that recruit a new apprentice and haven’t previously employed an apprentice in the last 12 months.

To be eligible you must:

  • Provide a place of work for an apprentice within the Greater Manchester boundary (local authority areas).
  • Have fewer than 250 employees in the United Kingdom, as recorded by the Employer Data Service (EDS).
  • Have not employed an apprentice in the 12 month period before the start date of the first apprentice for whom you apply for the grant.
  • Commit to employ your apprentice(s) for a minimum of 12 months on the apprenticeship programme or the time it takes them to complete their apprenticeship, whichever is the greater.
  • Confirm you are aware of and do not breach any State Aid rules by receiving the grant and agree to pay the apprentice in line with legal minimum requirements or more.

Other terms and conditions apply.

Benefit from receiving additional top up payments!
£1000 for traineeship and progress onto an apprenticeship.
£1000 for employing those on a higher apprenticeship.

For further information please contact us on:

undefined 0161 280 8650

undefined undefined @_burycollege_ undefined Business Solutions Bury College


Useful Links:

•  Government website
•  Department for Innovation and Skills
•  Association of Greater Manchester Authorities Employer Grant


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