Higher Apprenticeship in Business and Professional Administration
Level 4
Qualifications Level 4 NVQ Diploma in Business Administration and Level 4 BTEC Diploma in Business and Administration
Duration 24 months
Start date Flexible
Attendance Blended learning – workplace and classroom training sessions with evening study.
Entry Requirements • A level 3 qualification e.g. A Levels, Advanced Apprenticeship, BTEC or Access to Higher Education • Learners must be able to demonstrate capability within their business role • A dedication to completing a higher level qualification. This will involve taking on a greater volume and level of study than the Advanced Apprenticeship or a level 3 qualification

What is a higher apprenticeship?


Higher apprenticeship programmes have been designed to train individuals to foundation and degree level, providing them with the knowledge and skills required to meet employers’ and business needs.

Higher apprenticeships are the next step up from advanced apprenticeships and are nationally accredited work-based programmes. This allows employers to invest into their own organisation’s talent and increase productivity and profitability through a highly qualified and skilled workforce.

The qualification allows employees to develop their professional business skills, improving efficiency and enhancing organisational performance. It is ideal for thoseworking as, or towards an office manager, administration team leader, personal assistant or business development executive.


Who is this qualification for?


This Higher Apprenticeship framework is aimed at individuals working in business and administration, or in a management or supervisory role and aims to upskill employees to ensure the general running of a business in more productive and efficient.

The framework is tailored to those individuals who are responsible for operational activities, making changes within an organisation, managing and motivating teams, monitoring risks and agreeing budgets.


Objectives of learning:


  • Develop individual’s abilities to learn, develop and practice higher level skills required for employment and career progression.
  • Employees gain generic and specific management and technical skills which can be inputted into the workplace.
  • Gain a qualification which also gives opportunities for research and analysis.


Structure of the apprenticeship

This higher apprenticeship consists of two qualifications that include mandatory units and a range of optional knowledge and competence units. These will be chosen in discussion between yourself, your employee and the tutor to meet the needs of your business.


Level 4 NVQ Diploma in Business Administration

Mandatory units:

  • Resolving Administrative Problems
  • Managing the Work of an Administrative Function
  • Communicating in a Business Environment
  • Managing Personal and Professional Development


Optional units include:

  • Managing Information Systems
  • Manage a Project
  • Manage Team Performance
  • Collaborating with Other Departments
  • Chair and Lead Meetings


BTEC Diploma in Business and Administration

Mandatory units:

  • Business Administrative Systems
  • Communication in Business
  • Managing Self Development


Optional units:

  • Principles of Management and Leadership in Organisations
  • Collaborating with Other Departments
  • Managing People
  • Performance in a Business Environment
  • Principles of Internet and E-Business
  • Principles of Marketing
  • Principles of Quality Management



Your employee will require technical knowledge and will show competence through complex work activities. Assessments are conducted in the workplace through observation of the duties carried out and a range of other methods; including witness statements, professional discussions and reflective accounts, written reports and computer based assignments. The qualification is flexible to meet the needs of the job however home study and research will be required for assignments.


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