M02ekem Apprentice Office Administrator
Employer Description Our client is typically a Company Director whose employer has become insolvent (bankrupt). We provide them with a claims management service to secure a redundancy payment from the Government as their employer is unable to pay. If successful, this windfall can help them to rebuild their lives following such a traumatic event as losing their business, which many describe as their “baby”.
Salary £140 - £175 per week (depending on age/qualifications/experience Hours Of Work 35 Hours 09.00 – 17.00 Monday to Friday
Position Type Apprenticeship Age Range 16+
Qualification Business Administration Level 2 plus Functional Skills if applicable. This is a work-based qualification although some College attendance may be required for Functional Skills.

Vacancy Description  

Join a small family business with BIG plans operating just outside Bury town centre.  We are in the business of growing our people in order for them to provide unparalleled customer service to our clients.  If you want a career rather than a job, you have come to the right place.  You will have the distinction of being our first ever Apprentice.  You could say that we are learning on the job just like you!  Hopefully, we can help each other.  Your role will involve supporting our team in delivering a level of customer service unparalleled in our industry.  If you enjoy the challenge of helping others in their time of need, this might just be the place for you. Eventually, your role will evolve and expand into serving customers directly.  We will support you and help you to grow and achieve along the way.  This support will include a workplace mentor, opportunities for further education and development, and recommended reading as you progress throughout your career with us.  And that is exactly what we hope to provide you with, a career for life.  Read on to find out if our family is right for you. 


Why choose us

We are a small but growing family business established in 1995 when we pioneered the Director redundancy industry.  Our founder and Managing Director previously worked for the Government department that decides the outcome of Director redundancy claims.  She decided to put this knowledge directly to use in helping Directors with their claims.  We treat our team-members like family and the successful candidate will become an honorary family member. 

Our vision of service excellence best explains our approach to employees, customers and business generally:


“Working together, helping you today for a brighter tomorrow”     


Most importantly for you, you will learn a whole new way of doing business known as “lean”.  Few employers employ lean thinking and fewer still do it “right”.  To us lean “thinking” is a mindset of continual improvement that we impart to our people who then improve our processes in order to maximise customer value, whilst minimising waste.  Being such a rare commodity, the ability to “think lean” will set you apart throughout your whole career (which we hope you will spend with us!).  We work with a well-known US-based coach from the lean community, so you will have an opportunity to learn about lean from the very best.  In time, lean principles and techniques will become second-nature to you, the latter including:  


  • Kanban (including our internally developed case management filing system)
  • Visual management
  • Daily stand-up meetings
  • Single-piece flow
    • Standard work
    • 5S

    No doubt these terms will be unfamiliar to you.  Don’t worry, as long as you are up for a challenge, we will help you to learn, master and even teach them!  In short, you will adopt a radically different approach to business that might just change the course of your career and, perhaps, even your life!


    How we will help you to grow

    One of our core tenets is to grow our business by growing our team-members.  We achieve this in the following ways:


    1. You will be assigned a workplace mentor responsible for your development
    2. You will be given a recommended reading list, customised as you progress throughout the organisation
    3. We arrange our internal systems and processes to maximise group learning
    4. We will design opportunities for you to step out of your comfort zone. For example, from the very beginning, you will be encouraged to voice your opinion at our daily stand-up meetings.  As a new starter, you may very well notice things that we take for granted.  Your opinion counts! 
    5. Exposing you to lean thinking including our well-known business coach
    6. We learn together at our daily stand-up meeting including educational videos and excerpts from inspirational books
    7. You will receive real-time information on how you are doing. We will tell you if you do a good job.  And if there are areas for improvement, we will help you. We operate a no blame culture.


    Role and Responsibilities

    In your wide and varied role as an Apprentice Office Administrator, you will provide vital ancillary support to team-members delivering value-adding services to our clients.  In particular, you will:


    • Answer telephone calls, resolving queries (with appropriate support and training) and make accurate attendance notes
    • Changeover client files from one colour to another as they pass through the claim process under our kanban filing system
    • Prepare claim estimates for clients
    • Update our case tracker
    • Archiving
    • Filing  
    • Track stationery supplies and place orders when necessary
    • Maintain an orderly stock cupboard
    • Run errands such as banking or taking the post
    • Confidential waste disposal
    • Fix any defects you come across if you are able to whether or not it is within your area of responsibility
    • “Pull the Andon Cord” if you spot a defect that you cannot remedy
    • Uphold standard work practices whilst identifying and suggesting potential areas for improvement
    • Be open about and willing to learn from your and others mistakes
    • Include in your CV that accompanies your application, an occasion when you made a mistake, how you resolved it and what you did to make sure it didn’t recur
    • Participate in and contribute to our daily stand up meeting
    • Participate in 5S activities with the team
    • Participate in our email skirmish – we operate a shared email inbox which is answered collectively as a team, twice daily


    Qualifications and Education Requirements

    GCSE grades A – C/4+ in Maths and English or equivalent essential

    A Level grades A – C (not essential)

    University dropouts welcome (not essential) 


    Preferred Skills

    • Valid UK driving licence (preferable but not essential)
    • Previous office experience (preferable but not essential)
    • Public speaking – willing and competent (but not necessarily, accomplished)
    • Competent use of Microsoft Office including Word, Excel and Outlook
    • Keen attention to detail
    • Excellent communication skills
    • Good written and numeracy skills
    • Punctuality
    • Capable of following (but also critiquing) instructions
    • Sound judgement and professionalism
    • Willingness to speak up when required and to make suggestions


    Personal Qualities

    It’s painful for both sides if we make the wrong choice.  We want you to find the job that’s right for you.  Before applying, we would ask that you honestly appraise yourself on the following criteria.  We are looking for candidates that score themselves an 8/10 or higher on each of the following (your qualities and our company values):


    Your qualities:

    • A “can-do” attitude – you are willing to take on new challenges that take you out of your comfort zone
    • Problem-solving – you are able to identify problems, formulate countermeasures (solutions) and evaluate the options available. In other words, you are a critical thinker.   
    • Adaptable – change is the only certainty in life. Everything changes, always, especially here.  Our processes whilst standardised, are fluid.  The current way only represents today’s best way.  We aim to find a better way tomorrow.  You must be comfortable with change. 
    • Disciplined – you are self-motivated, task-oriented and hard-working, especially when no-one is watching. This is the true test of a person’s character. 
    • Empathetic – you are attuned to how others feel and naturally inclined to help them whenever the opportunity arises. You love to serve others. 
    • Growth – you want to reach your highest potential in life and will take the necessary actions to do so including seeking out an employer that will help you realise it


    Our company values:

    • Growth and development – we are committed to continual improvement individually and collectively every single day to better serve our customers
    • Discipline – we have the commitment to set goals and see them through of our own volition
    • Open-mindedness – we recognise that we are wrong up to 50% of the time, we just don’t know which 50%! We openly discuss problems and mistakes, without blame, to learn from them.  The best ideas win no matter who or where they come from. 
    • Innovation – we constantly seek out new ways of improving our customers lives
    • Empathy and caring – we recognise the severity and difficulty of our customers situation and do everything within our power to make their lives better in a meaningful way
    • Leadership – we employ a leader-leader approach (as opposed to a leader-follower approach) supporting our team-members in making the right decisions by themselves (rather than follow Management dictates) in service of the customer  


    Future Prospects

    If we are a good fit for one another, we have a specific progression plan for you:


    1. Apprentice office administrator
    2. Office administrator
    3. Case administrator
    4. Team-leader
    5. Management


    We want you to become the very best version of you.  If you are willing and committed, we will do everything in our power to make this happen.  Your success is after all, our clients’ and ultimately, our own success!

Apply Now

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