Apprenticeships FAQ

Are apprenticeships just for new employees?

Our apprenticeships are suitable for new apprentices or for providing further training to existing employees of any age who are working 30 or more hours a week.

Are there any costs involved?

There is no charge for Apprentices aged 16-18. A one-off certification and
registration fee may apply for 19+ Apprentices.

What are the entry requirements?

There are no formal entry qualifications, but some apprenticeships may require
a level of English and/or Maths (please enquire).

Are apprenticeships only for young people?

Our apprenticeships are suitable for people of any age who are looking to gain experience and training within a new career. We also provide higher apprenticeships for people working towards a more senior level within your organisation.

When can an apprentice start?

Your apprentice can start their apprenticeship at any time throughout the year.
Recruitment is not limited to academic term start dates.

How much time will my apprentice spend away from work?

Apprenticeship training is very flexible. A number of apprenticeship programmes are delivered entirely in the workplace. If day or evening release is required we will discuss options with you.

Assessments will include a combination of workplace observation and evidence that proves your apprentice meets the qualification requirements.

What is my role as the employer?

As an employer supporting an apprentice, your input is valuable in ensuring successful completion of the apprenticeship. It is your responsibility to:

  • Agree and sign a training plan for your apprentice with the college.
  • To provide opportunities for your apprentice to apply new skills in the workplace enabling them to achieve the necessary frameworks.
  • To support your apprentice by providing time to complete necessary assignments.
  • To provide evidence of your apprentice’s achievements in the workplace, as required.
  • Work in partnership with college staff and participate in reviewing your apprentice's progress.
  • Provide opportunities for college assessors to undertake work-based assessments.

Many Apprenticeships are delivered entirely in the workplace. However we would ask for some flexibility if time at college is required.

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